About our Club

West Forest 41 Club

West Forest 41 Club is a member of the Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club).  Our members mainly come from the areas of Wokingham and Crowthorne, but we do have some who travel much further to join in our activities.

We were formed from and still closely link to the West Forest Round Table, now renamed Wokingham West Forest Round Table.

Our aims are: –

1 To enjoy the fellowship of other ex Round Table members via regular meetings, social activities and events

2 To support the activities of the current Wokingham West Forest Round Table.

3 To raise charitable funds for distribution locally.

We are an active Club with close ties to Wokingham West Forest Round Table and also good links to our friends in Wokingham 41 Club.

Meeting wise we are a bit of a roving club, but seem to be settling more on meetings at, Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, RG40 3DF.

Our meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month.

All ex Round Table colleagues are of course welcome to join us.

We can be contacted via the 41 Club National Web site or by email to westforest.41@btinternet.com