Chairman’s review of 2018/9

West Forest 41 Club has had another satisfactory year with a fairly full programme of meetings and activities.  We have typically had 12-15 at our meetings and have about 25 formal members.  We try to keep in touch with a wider group of associates with Table/Club connections.  We have benefited from developing closer ties with Wokingham 41 Club with several joint events/meetings that have both widened our activities and helped viability for both clubs.  We inducted 3 new members at the start of the year and hope more of those ‘leaving’ Table will join us.

We have supported Table at Winter Carnival, Christmas Float and several other activities; we are pleased to see that Table has started to strengthen and grow again.  We have raised £887.34 for the Chairman’s charity ‘Prostate Cancer UK’.  This came from supporting Winter Carnival, Christmas Float and Wokingham Firework display.  This charity was also supported by Wokingham 41 Club, it supports a cause that has affected several of our members (including your Chair) and we ended the year with a superb presentation by a local doctor on the charity’s work.

Apart from regular meetings we have had several social events.  After 30 years 60 of us returned to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to recall and celebrate the £74,500 that our younger selves raised for Children in Need.  We were particularly pleased to be joined by old friends we haven’t seen for a while.  Our visits included a private airport, France, a Royal Palace (and Mausoleum), a Heritage railway, the founding motor raceway and two theatres!  We have lively meetings and speakers (covering Crime Scene Investigation, Olympic Dentistry and Prostate Cancer) and also several good and sociable meals!  We welcomed Phil Ellis, National President.  Our programme is reviewed below. 

The year in reviewP

6th April Farnborough airport with TAG Aviation + Kingfisher on the Quay

12th April AGM with Table, Easthampstead Park

26th April, Boulougne!

10th May Social/business meeting Easthampstead Park

13th June, with Tangent, Unexpected Guest, Sonning Mill

14th June, Deepest Hampshire, The Hoddington Arms

6th July, Picnic at Frogmore House, Windsor Home Park

10th July Golf vs Wokingham at Downshire followed by Hungarian Feast

21st July Brooklands Heritage Musuem

2nd September Fawley Railway

13th September, Misspent Youth music and history quiz

14th October, Ms Suzie Winter, The Real CSI, Sandmartins

15th November, National President and a Sporting Dentist at Sandmartins

16th November, Phantom of the Opera, 30 years on!

26th November, Wokingham Winter Carnival

12th December, Joint meeting with Tangent, Sandmartins

13th December, Christmas Float from the 3 Frogs

10th January, Phil at 70 with Quiz

15th January, Theatre Gala Night, Just the Ticket

14th February, Alternative Valentine at the 3 Frogs

17th February: Chairmans’ drinks with Tangent

14th March Steve Allen speaks on Prostate Cancer

18th April, AGM with Table