History of West Forest 41 Club

West Forest 41 Club

West Forest 41 Club was formed from and linked to the West Forest Round Table.

West Forest Round Table was itself created from the Round Tables of Wokingham and Twyford, because they had too many members and needed a new Table to satisfy demand.

Once it was decided to create a new Round Table Group and as Winnersh was between the two locations, a name linked to that was sought. West Forest was the chosen name as it was the name of the old BT telephone exchange that covered the area of Winnersh.

One of the Table’s claims to fame is that is one of a very few Tables, and now Clubs, where the name does not reflect the location, which is Wokingham Berkshire.

West Forest Round Table’s charter night was 7th March 1974 and its Table number was and still is 1122, although now it has been renamed Wokingham West Forest Round Table following a merger with Wokingham Round Table.

West Forest 41 Club was formed in 1974 to provide continued social contact for Tablers once they passed the Round Table age limit of 40. This group allows ex Tablers to maintain friendships built up over their Table years via regular meetings, activities and some fundraising. It also gave Tablers a mechanism whereby they could continue to support their old Table.

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